May 20, 2020
Memorial Day Hanging Craft
Sheila came up with a super cute and easy craft for Memorial Day. Check out the video and get your supplies together. You could easily make multiples of these hanging stars and place at varying heights for a fun effect.

Supplies needed
15 popsicle sticks
Twine or string
Paint, crayons or Markers
Hot glue or regular glue.
  • Paint 5 popsicle sticks red
  • Paint 5 popsicle sticks white
  • Paint 5 popsicle sticks blue
  • Let dry.
  • Glue the red sticks in the shape if a star by using glue at the ends of each stick.
  • Repeat for white and blue stick creating 3 stars total ( red, white, blue)
  • Attach a string or twine from the middle of the red stars ^ to the point of the white star.
  • Repeated from white to blue.
  • Create a loop and attach  it to the point of the red star.
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