Peter Hill, Technology Trainer

I am excited to have an opportunity to help people get the most out of their technology! This program, “Tech Mysteries;  Saving Your Cellphone Pictures to the Cloud” will be an approachable and fun way to learn a little about Cloud Storage, and Disaster Recovery and planning for our cellphones.  Today, our whole lives are stuffed into a single device.  What if instead of taking pictures of the big one on the boat, I’m actually fishing for the phone I dropped into Pymatuning Lake?

So many memories are stored in our phones. I want to help people preserve them. I’ve had community members come in for help retrieving their precious photos from a damaged phone. It makes me sad that most of the time I am unable to help. If only they had saved them to cloud storage.

 With cloud storage, I’m only out a phone, not the family album.   This program will explain the most important core concepts of data management in an easy and understandable way so none of us have to go through the trauma of losing all their pictures to a watery death.  Fact: water is the number one killer of phones.

For program details and registration: Tech Mysteries: Saving Your Cellphone Photos to the Cloud