Stargazing Links for Kids

How to use a telescope 


How telescopes work 

What can be seen in a telescope 

Even with a small telescope, you can get some amazing views of our universe. Just because you have inexpensive equipment, does not mean you can’t have a wonderful stargazing experience. 


Google Sky Map app for Android 

This app is really easy to use on a smart phone.  just install the app and point hold your phone up to the sky like a window into the universe.  Your device must have GPS and magnetic compass sensor to use all the features.   This software allows you to identify and find celestial objects and constellations.  

Google Sky is also available thru a web browser on your pc!  you can pan/tilt/zoom the whole night sky. 


Stargazing with binoculars 


Observe the Moon Night at Andover Public Library

International Observe the Moon Night