It was mid-April, and we had just been hit with the aftermath of a monster, known as hurricane Mavrik while running barefoot through the streets of cape town, Florida, after car troubles. That’s what we had going for us on our wedding day. After what felt like a forever marathon, we finally we made it to the hotel, soaked, but in one piece. Kevin ran around our suit and turned the heat all the way up. I walked into the bathroom and started a nice, steaming bath. I looked over my shoulder and there Kevin was. “So Mr. Middleton, do you think a thunderstorm, hurricane on our wedding day is good luck or bad?” I asked with the rim of a champagne bottle pressed to my lips. Just before my first sip, the bottle was snatched out of my grasp. I peered over to Kevin, and he took his first gulp. “I don’t know, Mrs. Middleton. I guess time will have to tell us that.” I let out a giggle as he put his arms around me. I smiled at him and I pulled him into the steaming bath to join me. That bottle of champagne was gone in an instant and we shared one breath as our lips met.

“Yep, I still remember that day like it was yesterday.” I could picture that day for the rest of my life. Then out of nowhere, her high pitched voice flooded my ears again, “Come on grandma, you promised that you would finally tell me about Grandpa.” I smiled down to my little Lily, “okay Lily, where was I?” “You and Grandpa were kissing,” Lily covered her little mouth with her hand, but her sweet giggle crept through her fingers. I took a single piece of hair and tucked it behind her little ear. Again, her giggle filled the silent space. “Okay little one, I’m going to fast forward five years, because all we really did was kiss and paint.” “I like your paintings, Grandma.” Her little smile warms my heart every time I see it. “Okay, my Lily. Here is what happened that day.” I gave her a promise, and I have to keep it.

The day was warm and bright. The sun forced its endless rays between my eyelids and I finally opened my eyes to the sound of the most calming tune. Then I saw him in front of his masterpiece.

Looking around the room, I saw the chemically filled paint cups, and just shook my head. I sat up on the ridged mattress with my pillow wrapped in my arms to ask, “so, what is your masterpiece today,” a yawn forced its way through my windpipe before I had the chance to finish my sentence, “Kevin?” “That’s difficult to say, you can’t see her unless you come here.” I smiled at him and swung my legs off the edge of the mattress. My boiling toes met with the frozen floor and sent a shiver up my spine. Kevin takes my hand to lead me.

I look around for a new piece, but I see nothing, only a mirror. “This, this is my masterpiece now and forever.” I looked at Kevin, confused. He pointed into the long mirror that was facing us and said, “she is my muse.” He said looking dazed. “It’s been five wonderful years, and I would not change anything. Not now, not ever. We are perfect the way we are.” He handed me a little black box. “This is for you my love.” I held it in my hand with a smile growing on my face. “Well Jess, I got you what is in the box, not the box itself.” I looked up at Kevin and laughed. “I know silly.” I shook my head and slowly started to open the little black box.

Just as I started to open it, a quick shimmer caught my eye. I forced the box to opened as much as it could, and when I saw it, I quickly put my hand over my mouth in aw. “It’s… it’s, beautiful Kevin. Oh my gosh.” Do you want me to put it on you?” My voice changed pitch when I saw his brown eyes, “yes”. He smirked and took hold of this diamond heart necklace. I was speechless. I held my hair out of his way, then I heard a single clip. He turned me around and fixed the diamond heart that was resting on my chest. “There,” he whispered. He paused for a second, “perfect.” I placed my hand slowly over the necklace and thanked him. He smiled and planted his soft lips on my forehead. “Anything for you.” He always says that.

His rough hand takes hold of mine, and he leads me to the middle of our living room. I felt his hand slide towards my lower back, and I instantly got butterflies in the pit of my stomach. I let out a calming giggle as he brushed me across the velvet carpet that governed our wood floor. It felt as if we were flying high in the vibrant blue sky, just gliding across the clouds. Whenever I danced with him, I felt whole. I never thought that something bad could happen, especially to us, but in a split second, our lives would change forever. 

He twirled me around, circle after circle, spinning me towards him, but when I spun out, I got so dizzy that I fell, and hit my head on the brown side table, next to our leather couch. I heard a bang, then water was pouring off the table, onto my chest. Kevin rushed over to me, “are you okay? Wait, what’s was in the cup?” I maneuvered my shaky hand to my forehead, to find a single gash, with a stream of blood running down my face. I sat up, beside the table, and looked at Kevin. “He asked me again, “what was in that cup?” I explained, “it’s the cleaning wash for our paintbrushes,” I took in a deep breath, “you know, vinegar, water, and bleach.” He looks down at his soaked hands and quickly got up. “Don’t let it near your eyes. You will lose every..”

I watched as he tripped over the single bump in the carpet. 

He landed, face first, onto a small coffee table with a cup of chemical water already spilled. The glass shattered, and his face was pressed against the ground with gravity’s strength.

He turned over and I saw his bloodshot eyes open and close. I watched him in tears, and it felt as if I were in a movie, you think it’s not real, but instead, you are right there in reality. I barely got one blink of my eyes before I saw the chemical induced water take a plunge onto Kevin’s face, but more importantly, his eyes. His screams filled my head like helium filling a balloon. They got louder and louder, but worst of all, he rubbed his eyes with his already chemically soaked hands.

I heard a knock at my door, “Jess, is everything okay?” I answered quickly, “no, please call 911. Kev and I are hurt, really bad.” Kevin screamed, and the room started spinning, then everything went dark.

Minutes later, I opened my eyes to the brightest light that I had ever seen. Yet it was so beautiful, I thought I was gone until I heard the heart monitor, ​Beep Beep, Beep Beep​ I took in a deep breath and I was okay. I closed my eyes and I saw Kevin. My eyes opened in a flash. I yelled his name, but no answer. I looked around, and there in the hospital bed beside me was Kevin. He has a bandage around his head and eyes. His leg was propped up in a sling, and his arm wrapped in medical tape. 

I tried to turn over in my hospital bed to see him, but I hit a button. Seconds later a nurse came running into the room. She looked at me and smiled. “I’m glad to see that you are awake

Mrs. Townshend-Middleton. How are you feeling?” “I just have a slight headache, but it’s just Middleton. Townshend is my maiden name.” The nurse shimmied closer to me. “Oh, I apologize. Would you like some medicine for your head?” she asked me. “Yes,” I pleaded. 

I spent a week in that hospital bed. Then when the week was up, I was finally able to see

Kevin. The nurse freed me from my wire prison, and I walked to Kevin. “Kevin, it’s me, are you okay?” I watched as the nurse took off the bandages from his head. I took in a deep breath, and as I saw his face I let it out. His face was red and bubbly. His eyes were bloodshot, but the worst of all, he could not see. 

“So that’s what happened grandma?” Lily was so eager to know. “Yes, my Lily. That’s what happened.” I gestured to Lily and there behind her, was Kevin. His deep, and raspy voice filled the room, “Yes my dear, this ended my career, and I felt like I was nothing. For years I thought about really bad things, but your grandmother got me through the hard times. It took me only a few years to master what I can do now.” He pinched her cheek, “And what’s that grandpa?” Lily always asking questions. I watched as Kevin leaned down to whisper into Lily’s ear. “I am a sculptor.” Confused, Lily questioned, “But grandpa, can you see me?”

“I’ll tell you what little one, let me sculpt you, and I will see you. Sound good?” He had his brittle hands on his knees, just holding himself up. Lily shot up out of my lap and took hold of Kevin’s hand. “Yes, I like that Idea. Let’s go.” I laughed and slowly stood up on my shaky legs. “Hold your horses you two.” Lily looked back with disappointment. I hobbled over to Kevin and gave him a kiss on his flaky lips. “Eww, grandma, that’s gross.” Lily pulled away from Kevin in disgust. Kevin laughed and said to Lily, “Come, on sweetheart, I’ll sculpt you.” Lily’s smile lit up the room once again. “Okay,” she has said skipping away with her grandpa. I just hope that Kevin will finally get a chance to see Lily’s beautiful smile.