Guest Speakers

A great line-up of speakers throughout the exhibit.

Judy Semroc, Conservation Specialist
Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Judy Semroc, Cleveland Museum of Natural HistorySemroc presents the human impact on plants and animals in a variety of ecosystems using macro photography to highlight the “faces” of those creatures we affect. Semroc also gives alternative practices to better protect the imperiled species and their important habitats.

Semroc, who is a former middle school science teacher and Petroleum Geologist is now a conservation specialist with the Natural Areas Division for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.  She has a passion for the natural world that she shares through guided hikes, interpretive programs and photography.

In 2013, Judy was the recipient of the “Outstanding Staff Achievement Award” for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, and in 2011 Judy was awarded the Portage County “Environmental Hero Award.” Judy co-authored the popular field guide “Dragonflies & Damselflies of Northeast Ohio”.

David Chapman, Physical Anthropology Casting Technician
Cleveland Museum of Natural History

David Chapman,

The Famous Fossil Fish of Northeastern Ohio
Northeast Ohio produces some of the finest fossils in the world from the Upper Devonian Period (363 million years ago). Chapman describes the history and method of collecting fossils and reviews some of the outstanding fish fossils found in the Cleveland area, such as sharks and armored fish.

David Chapman has more than 20 years experience as a casting technician at the Museum—first in the Vertebrate Paleontology Department and now in Physical Anthropology. He joined Museum staff in 1991, and during that time also has served as a preparator, fossil collector and, for three years, as Special Events Coordinator.