Event First Name Last Name Year Age Notes
Obituary Mearle Bryan b. 1959 75 nee  Swalley, wife of Rush
Obituary Melissa Hall b. 1871 89 nee Ingraham, 
Obituary Catherine Mead b. 1878 82 nee Lomas, wife of Charles
Obituary Ethel  Burlingham b. 1880 79 nee Petrie, wife of William
Anniversary Henry and Constance Flack 1904 50th nee Fink
Engagement Frank and Carol  Lambert 1959    
Fire Loyal Flack 1961   Fire claims home of six
Anniversary Roy McClurg   50th  
Anniversary E.D.  Frayer 1908 50th  
Obituary Evert Carr b. 1888 70 m. Lucy Shirkey
Obituary Bessie Palmer b. 1894 65 Nee Ormsby, wife of Rupert
Obituary Lavinia Legg b. 1899 60 Nee Davis, Wife of William
Obituary Ida Davis b. 1885 73 Nee Williams, Wife of Charles
Obituary Stella Price b. 1894 60 Wife of Daniel
Obituary Ida Hatch b. 1891 66 Nee Wolf, Wife of Neil
Retirement Lenna  Seaver     Dorset Postmaster
Anniversary L.M.  Guilinger, Dr. 1949   50 years as doctor
Obituary L.M.  Guilinger, Dr. d.1951   Doctor and Horseman, m. Minnie Wright
Obituary Cynthia Lewis b. 1871 92  
Marriage John and Janet Brenneman     nee Case
Marriage John and Janet Brenneman     nee Case
Anniversary Charles and ? Mead   56th  
Party Allan Wilson 1947   New Year’s Eve party
Obituary Ervie Mann b. 1879 67  
Obituary John    Stevenson   83 Car Crash
Obituary Mrs. Raymond Wright b. 1907    
Birthday Lillian Fitch   90 nee Knapp
Marriage Donald and Violet Matteson 1957   nee Gruening
Obituary Lela Culver b.1898 60 nee Burlingham
Obituary Lucy Sowry b. 1893 65 Nee Smith, Wife of Charles
Obituary Mrs. Clyde Gleason b. 1893 d. 1959  
Anniversary Hayes Kisamore m. 1897 58th  
Anniversary Roy and Mabel Palmer M. 1906 50th nee Sweet
Celebration       1955 Rebekah Lodge Mothers of the Year
Obituary Claudia Wilson   47 Wife of Arthur
Obituary Lucy Lipps b. 1882 76 nee Hayslett, wife of Charles
Obituary Florence Hopper b. 1897 59 nee Heath, wife of Harry
Obituary Myrtle Bullard b. 1872 84 nee Pepple, wife of Earl
Obituary Mina Heath b. 1874 83 nee Knapp, wife of Ivan
Obituary Loretta Wilson b.1901 57 nee Junk, wife of Ned
Obituary Hazel Burgess b.1898 59 Nee Bebout, wife of Raymond
Birthday Mary Powers   82  
Article Eudora Spellman     Nee Ednie, wife of Donald, News Reporter
Article John Marrison   1947   Headless Rooster live 39 days
Obituary Melissa Litwiler b.1874 80 Wife of Perry
Article Cherry Valley       Church and Township Hall need renovations
Marriage Stewart and Shirley Case M. 1951    
Obituary George(Bert) Daupenspeck b. 1884 67  
Obituary Effie Hart b. 1895 52 nee South
Obituary Lulu  Huseman b. 1902? 50 Nee Bittikofer, Wife of Lester
Obituary Eva Howe b. 1879 69 Andover correspondent, wife of Guy
Obituary Blanche Burlingame b. 1877 74 nee Lewis
Obituary Loretta Guest b. 1861? 89  
Marriage Doris and Ray Nagle     nee Palmer
Obituary Ray Peck b. 1873 74 m. Leta
Obituary Minnie Wood b. 1866? 80 nee Custard, wife of Sam
Obituary Albert Daniels b. 1871 74  
Obituary A.H. Wibert b.1866? 79  
Obituary Mrs. Clifford Loveland   31  
Obituary Emily Hatch b. 1886 79 nee Woods, wife of Jay
Obituary J. F.  Hatch b. 1866 79 husband of Emily
Obituary Leafie Reynolds b. 1895 52 nee Yeomans, wife of Walter
Obituary Harriet Smith b. 1881 70 wife of Elijah
Obituary Mary Wood b. 1871 74 nee Barrett, wife of Hubert
Obituary Irene Stalnaker b. 1906 44 nee Kean, wife of Harold
Marriage Vern and Joan Moody m. 1947   nee Case
Marriage Yeoman and Sue Carr m. 1943   nee Hruska
Marriage Robert and Leona Slater     nee Pebbles
Birth Anna Marie Holstein     Child of Edward Holstein
Marriage Dale and Doris Weir     nee Calaway
Marriage Charles and Maxine McGirr 1953   nee Flack
Obituary Mary Hufnagle b. 1869 97 nee Spring, wife of James
Obituary Eve  Kisamore b. 1880 80 nee Sites, wife of Hayes
Anniversary R.K. And wife Richardson   50th  
Obituary Clara Bettner b. 1874 86 nee Pebbles
Obituary Mrs, Fred Reed b. 1911 50  
Article Stewart  Case     Buys family drugstore, Jefferson
Article Dr. George Lewis     Practicing 61 years
Article James Wilson 1942   Commendations for WWII heroics
Obituary Laura Heath     nee Winch, wife of Glade
Obituary Walter Goodge b. 1894 68 m. Ethel Eastlake
Obituary William Flack b. 1901 61 m. Belle Cochran
Obituary Charlotte  Sweet b.  78 nee Kiester, wife of Wright
Obituary James Davis b. 1881 80 m. Zada
Obituary Rose Stalnaker b. 1873 89 nee Summers, wife of Samuel
Obituary Fred Sargent b. 1885 74 m. Mayme Parker
Memorial Sgt. Gordon Cole   27 buried in Leige, Belgium, POW
Obituary Louva Downing b. 1885 79 nee Foster, m. Clarence
Obituary Grace Perry b. 1889 75 nee Hodge, m. Lynn
Celebration Ruth  Burgess     Navy Nurse 
Obituary Otie Staley b. 1891 68 nee Chambers, m. W. J.
Train/car collision Metta  Yokes b.  57 nee Lewis, m. Amos
Train/car collision Cora Steadman   57 nee Jewell, m. D.G. Steadman
Obituary Leona Bowyer b. 1901 61 nee King, ,m. Charlie Clark, m. Marcus Bowyer
Obituary C.C.  Fitch   41  
Engagement Christine Stoffel     Engagement to Frederick Kniesly
Obituary Henrietta Horak   70  
Obituary Emma  Smith   88 nee Jones, 
Obituary Rev, J. C.  Mayhew b. 1871 70 m. Joyce
Obituary John  Bowser b. 1863? 80 m. Grace
Obituary Ivan Heath b. 1894 75 m. Mina
Obituary Mrs. John Stevenson   65 m. John
Obituary Albert Lee Spellman   60 m. Nettie
Obituary Ida  Rice b. 1871 69 nee Morse, m. Burke
Obituary Abbie  Hilliker   49  
Obituary Franklin L. Brooks b. 1851 66 m. Eliza Woodworth
Obituary Maud St. Johns     m. R. A. St. John
Obituary Arleen McKelvey b. 1900 18 m. George Hunter
Obituary Louisa  Barnes b. 1847   Nee Bates, m. S. S. Barnes
Obituary Sabra Heath b. 1837   nee Woodworth, m/ Henry Heath M. Luman Heath
Marriage Bessie and J. W. Rupp       nee Mahoney, former High School principal
Obituary Norman Goff  Richardson b. 1866 71 m. Ella Lyon, editor of Andover Citizen newspaper
Celebration Ruby Holcomb 1937   Over 50 years a member of West Andover Congregational Church Ladies Aid Society
Celebration         Cherry Valley Ladies Aid entertains West Andover Ladies Aid Society
Obituary Myron B.  Crow b.1855   m. Sarah Allender
Obituary Clarissa Thompson   79  
Obituary Ana M.  Eaton b. 1832 89 nee McIntyre, m. Marcena Eaton
Obituary Mrs. Harley Simons   17 nee Prosser
Article     c. 1940   Rebuilding of the Andover Library due to increased readership
Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Roy Palmer 1966 60th  
Poetry Grace Noll Crowell     There Still are Mothers and My Creed
Photo         Leon Church 
Obituary Ned Sloan  Wilson b. 1900 63 m. Loretta Junk
Anniversary Jesse and Anna Buzzard 1967 50th nee Anna Hayes
Anniversary Claude and Hazel Elliott 1963 50th nee Hazel Williams
Obituary Nellie Spencer b. 1898 68 nee Reeder, m. Kline Spencer 
Obituary Hallie Mead b. 1883 83 nee Burlingham, m. Harold Mead
Obituary Catherine R.  McChesney b. 1876 87 nee Prosser, m. James Addison McChesney
Obituary Paul Bryan b. 1919 45 m. Josephine Engle
Obituary Lena  Richards b. 1899 67 nee Shepard
Obituary Mrs. Otto Chambers Staley b. 1869 68 nee Crosby, m. W. J. Chambers, m. David Staley
Obituary Annetta  Bennett b. 1900 37 nee Jones, m. James Dennis Bennett
Obituary W. Boyd Russell   36  
Obituary Emma  Poland b.1918 20  
Obituary Almeda  Lewis b. 1848? 89  
Obituary Newton Woodworth   55  
Obituary Eva Jane Peterson b. 1869 72 nee Pebbles, 
Obituary Walter E.  Myers   36  
Anniversary Charles and Edith Williams 1965 50th nee Hayes
Obituary Mabel  Burt b. 1883 82 Nee Kemp, m. Charles Burt
Obituary Catherine Hamilton b. 1882 81 nee Thompson, m. James Hamilton
Obituary Wilbur D.  Morgan b. 1931 33 m. Marian Flack
Obituary Myrtle Racey b. 1888 77 nee Gibbs m. Will j. Racey
Obituary Floy Ballentine b. 1878 86  
Obituary James Sunbury   45 m. Roberta
Obituary Helen  Bowyer b. 1905 57 nee Cook, m. Elson Bowyer
Obituary Zada Davis b. 1894 70 nee Andrews m. James
Obituary Howard Gray b. 1910 51 m. Mabel Bullard
Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Gibbs 1913 50th  
Engagement Donna and Roy Brown 1967   nee Spellman
Obituary Hazel Stoll b. 1902 64 nee Smith, m. Walter Stoll
Retirement Rufus  Spencer 1964   35 years Richmond mail carrier
Obituary Carl Durovey 1941 69  
Marriage Doris and Seymour Brown 1940   nee Palmer
Marriage Margaret and James Kimble 1939   nee Smith 
Marriage Lois and George  Daubenspeck     nee Bowser
Marriage Lola and Johnny  Racey 1936   nee Falkenburg
Marriage Lou Mina and Maurice Holmes       nee Brooks
Obituary Sherman McCombs      
Obituary George Gilmore   67  
Obituary Anna Lawyer b. 1867 64 nee Wakefield, m. Frank Lawyer
Obituary E. W.  Beckwith b. 1889 76 M. Frances
Obituary Mary Loveland b. 1909 71 nee Johnson, m. Oscar Loveland
Obituary Elizabeth Bowden b. 1880 82 nee Wood, m. Horace Bowden
Obituary Anna (Elva) Bossard 1944 67 nee Sloan, m. William D. Bossard
Obituary William McCombs b. 1885 78 m. Vera Duncan
Obituary Gola Holcomb b. 1908 58 m. Fredwin Holcomb
Obituary Hugh Oaks b. 1883 66  
Obituary Ned Wilson 1941 69 m. Marian
Obituary Opal Ohl   26 nee Cole, m. Frederick Ohl
Obituary Esther Wilson b. 1840 77 nee Davenport, m. Emor Wilson
Obituary Emor Wilson 1929 82 m. Esther Davenport
Obituary Eli Allen Sloan   67  
Obituary S. J. Mann   78  
Obituary Shirley Ann Flack 1937   infant daughter of Arlie Flack
Obituary Aurora Grokenbarger 1940 88  
Obituary Treva Oaks b. 1886 56  
Obituary A.. J.  Weir 1943 72 m. Zoa
Obituary Harold Burt 1944 38  
Obituary Neil Wilson 1941   Killed on the Arizona, Pearl Harbor
Article James Wilson 1942   Conneautville  Man tells of Yorktown’s Sinking
Article James Wilson 1944   Wilson Commended by Admiral Nimitz
Obituary Sophrona Davis b. 1878 87 nee Pebbles, m. Grover
Obituary Bessie Brown b. 1885 81 nee Wibirt, m. John Brown
Obituary Gertrude Munn b. 1886 75 nee Bailey m. Henry Porter, m. Clifton Munn
Obituary Mary Louise Bowser b.1953 10 Girl, 10, Dies at Andover
Obituary Alice Lindsley b. 1874 88 nee Burt m. Arthur Lindsley
Obituary Helen  Corbin b.1893 70 nee Hayes m. Lawrence Corbin
Obituary Anna Jean Clowser b. 1960 2 Girl 2,, found Dead of Monoxide Poison
Article Calvin  Buyers 09/08/41   The Farmer’s Diary
Article         First permanent settlements in county townships
Obituary Bertha Williams b. 1905 60 nee Duckett  m. Stephen Williams
Obituary Inez Lewis b. 1899 64 nee Kinleyside  m. Eber Lewis
Article         Bunyan Winter has Snow Turning Blue
Photo and caption   Lindbergh     Photos of Col. And Mrs. Lindbergh
Photo and article L.M. Guilinger, Dr.     Andover Pays Tribute to Proud Owner of Peter Astra
Photo and caption Alex, SGT. Nyomo 11/01/42   County Marine in Pacific War Zone
Photo and caption Richard Buzzard 1944   Richmond Twp Soldier missing
Photo and article Thomas Sunbury     Mosquito Bites lead County Youth to Job in War Dept.
Obituary Lloyd Beckwith 10/14/65 42 m. Doris Toppin
Photo and caption         Old Covered Bridge at Dorset
Obituary Marjorie Lansberruy b. 1893 ? 69  
Celebration Mary   Hufnagle b. 1870 ? 95  
Obituary Belle Fetters b. 1900 62 nee Finley  m. Elmer Zaebst  m. Roy Fetters
Obituary Charlotte  Conaro b. 1875 87 nee Herrick m. William Monroe ,m. Myron Conaro
Article     03/08/43   Northern Ohio Escapes Damage in Earthquake
Obituary Lillian Fitch b. 1865 97 nee Knapp m. Frederick Fitch
Obituary Gertrude Bell b. 1872 90 nee Hill m. D. W. Bell
Obituary Dorothy Bell  b. 1901 66  
Obituary   Burlingham b. 1892 74 m. Hattie Clark
Obituary Hattie Burlingham b. 1895 71 nee Clark  m.
Obituary May Beckwith b. 1880 61 nee Kenyon m. Fred O. Beckwith
Obituary Opal Roberts b. 1900 33 nee Mackey ? M. Espy Roberts
Obituary Mrs. L. M. Guilinger  b.1873 71  
Obituary Helen  Shepard b. 1885 73 nee Jones m. Charles Shepard
Obituary Grace Simons     nee Skeels m. Frank Simons
Obituary Minnie Weir b. 1869 74 m. H. E. Weir
Obituary Fannie Winch   82  
Obituary Anna Hayes     M. Fred Hayes
Obituary Gladys Mae Giddings   50 m. Paul A. Giddings
Birhts/Obituary     1937   list of 13 births and 19 deaths
Retirement F. W.  Sargent 1938   Dry Goods store built in1890
Photo and caption     1944   J. D. Bennett farm
Anniversary Benjamin and Katherine Hart   50th  
Obituary Lillie Woodworth b. 1860 90 nee Culver m. Frank W. Woodworth
Obituary Maggie Gilliland b. 1880 82 nee Heath, m. Lloyd Gilliand
Obituary Augusta Mann b.1874 73 nee Davis, m. Truman Mann
Obituary Anna Redecker   66 m. Guy Redecker
Obituary Horace Mann b. 1881 70 m. Mary Louise Follett
Obituary Truman Mann b. 1873 81 m. Augusta Davis
Obituary Grover Davis b. 1880 76 m. Saphrona
Obituary SGT. William Billigs b. 1922 21 m. Geraldine Legg, Killed in France 1944
Obituary Arthur L. Wilson b.1902 50 m. Claudia
Obituary Myrta Loveland b. 1866 64 nee Mann m. Lee Loveland
Anniversary William and Vera Mc Combs   50th nee Vera Dunkin
Obituary Myrlen Mead b. 1899 66 m. Winifred Mills
Marriage Jessie and Clarence Downing 1951   nee Jessie Downing
Obituary Sadie  Phillips b. 1871? 77 m. George Phillips
Obituary Isetta Williams d. 1950   m. Steven Williams
Obituary Cora Chapin b.   nee Peterson
Obituary Mayme Sargent b.1872 83 nee Parker m. Fred W. Sargent. 
Obituary Rosallie Wibirt b. 1863  87? nee Belden m. Dwight Wibirt
Obituary Abbie Maud Gladding b. 1871 83 nee McIntosh m. C. B. Gladdings
Obituary Nora Hutchinson d. 1941 84  
Obituary Alice Creesy b. 1876 73 nee Hardy m. Budd Creesy
Obituary Roy R.  Peterson b.1878 70 m. Jennie Racey
Obituary Stewart Case b. 1896 55 m. 
Obituary Gertrude Kemp b.1864 87 nee Wilhidem.Charles Kemp
Obituary Wesley James jacob b.1878 74 m.Leota Died in car accident
Article Minnie Hull     Robbery and donations of the community
Obituary Lillian Constance Flack b. 1886 70 nee Fink  m. Henry Flack
Obituary Darl Weir b. 1899 51 m. Doeis
Obituary Irene Stalnaker b. 1906 44 nee Kean, m.Harold
Obituary Rush Bryan b. 72 m. Mearle Swalley
Obituary Alta May Wright b.1874 70 nee Lewis m. 
Obituary Nellie Marvin b.1870 81 nee Smith m. Frances Stitt, m.Clinton Marvin
Obituary JoAlta Vaughn b. 71  
Obituary Cora Heffelfinger b.1870 81 nee Bender?
Obituary Lewis Knox b.1896 56 m. Augusta  
Obituary Lillian Petrie   69  
Obituary Gertrude Turner b. 1872 73 nee Ward m. L.O. Turner
Obituary Charles Mead v. 1872 80 m. Catherine Lomas