Date(s) - Thu, 08/01/19
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Andover Public Library

Pymatuning Swampland and River Landscapes

Pymatuning Swamp lies buried beneath Pymatuning Reservoir, subdued but not forgotten, its legacy still visible in the hydric soils and wetlands of the reservoir backwaters. Come listen to Dr. Kenneth Olson, University of Illinois soil scientist talk on Thursday, August 1st at 6pm Andover Public Library about Pymatuning Swamp, early uses of lands near Conneaut Lake Swamp, the construction of the Beaver and Erie Canal, and his personal experience when river and wetland landscapes are transformed by dams and reservoirs.  Read More …

Dr. Kenneth Olson and his co-author Dr. Lois Wright Morton, Iowa State University sociologist have written about managing Pymatuning swampland and over 30 other journal articles on rivers, wetlands, flooding, levees, locks and dams, the soils of agricultural lands, changing climates and the people who manage river landscapes. In their publications they interpret the language of rivers, their bottomlands and uplands and their changing uses through the keen eyes of a soil scientist and sociologist.

The demand for soil and water resources is ever increasing and wise land use planning involves diverse and conflicting goals. These issues require both technical expertise and a human touch. Drs. Olson and Morton have also published the book, Managing Mississippi and Ohio River Landscapes which includes 212 color illustrative maps and color photographs exploring the historical impacts of climate, economic and population growth, and efforts to manage rivers with engineered structures.

Topics include drainage of bottomlands for crop production and other land uses, flooding risks and responses, levee systems and breaches, river navigation, and river ecology. It concludes with recommendations for future management of these major US waterways.  Published by the Soil and Water Conservation Society, it can be ordered online

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