We are celebrating National Pet Month in May. Sheila’s May 6th “Wednesday Crafts with Sheila” showed us how to make a DIY Feather Cat Toy.  View the video here.


Here are the instructions to make your own:

Materials/ Supplies:

  • Scissors
  • felt
  • Iron
  • Cat toy template (download and print feather template or make your own)
  • Jingle bells
  • Satin cord, rope or twine


  1. Using templates as guides, cut out one large and one small feather from two pieces of different colored medium-weight wool felt.
  2. Add a jump ring or use a piece of string to tie the bell to a small piece of string, rope or twine leaving enough room to tie to onto ribbon.

 Slip end of a 1-yard length of satin cord, rope or twine through jump ring. At bell, tie stems of feathers to cord with a square knot. Knot both ends of to prevent fraying.