Curbside Services

The library building is not open for public access, which also means no access to our public computers, yet. As always, the library WiFi will remain on 24/7 and accessible from the library parking lot.

Please keep the following in mind:

Selecting items:
You can:

  • call the library at 440-293-6792 and request items that are on our shelves or ask us to suggest something!
  • access our catalog on the library website and place items on hold that are available on our shelves. Visit

You can check out up to 10 items, if you have returned those you have previously checked out.


When your order is ready and you are at the library to pick it up, you will be asked to:

  1. Pull in front of the main doors.
  2. If you have materials to return, please place them in the outdoor book drop.
  3. Return to your vehicle.
  4. Call us and let us know you are here and open your trunk. 
  5. Staff will be out with your order and will place it in your trunk. If you do not have a trunk, the order will be placed on the sidewalk. If you are walking, you will need to stay at least six feet away from the doors. The staff will place your order outside the doors and return inside.

We ask that you wait to retrieve your items until the staff member is inside the building.

We are retrieving returns from the book drop throughout the day. The materials are staged in a location designated for that day’s returns. They will remain in isolation for a minimum of 72 hours. Once their isolation is up the materials are cleaned with a bleach solution, checked in, and shelved.

Black and white pages only. The documents must be essential.

  1. You will drive up to the main entry and call to let us know they are there.
  2. You will deposit their copies into a box outside the main doors and return to your vehicle.
  3. We will retrieve the copies from the box.
  4. We will bring the documents into the building and make the copies.
  5. We will walk the copies back outside and place them into the box.
  6. You may leave your vehicle and retrieve the copies from the box once the staff member has reentered the building.

As always, a you can email a document to our black and white printer. We will walk it out to the box same as we do for the copies.


We will adhere to the same procedures as the copies.