Board of Trustees
Donald Eyring
President, Board of Trustees


Mary Mitchell
Member, Board of Trustees


Debora Boggs
Secretary, Board of Trustees


Karen Dewey
Board of Trustees


Gus Saikaly
Board of Trustees


Daniel Dismukes
Board of Trustees


Venie Hinson
Board of Trustees
Cindy Schwenk
Circulation, Cataloging, Public Services


Laura York – Retired
Reference and Adult Services Librarian


Denise Stasiak


Linda Weston
Fiscal Officer, Circulation, Administration


Elizabeth Paul
Children’s Librarian


Susan Hill
Retired Past Director 2008-2018

Susan Hill


Michael Dzera

Mike Dzera


Nancy Logan

Nancy Logan and Past Director Susan Hill


Peter D. Hill
Public Services Assistant


Maria Firkaly
Community Relations Coordinator
Trustees Emeriti
Bernard Baranowski
Trustee Emeriti


Mrs. Ruth Mary Service
Vice President, Emerita


Dr. Linn W. Newman
President Emeritus


Richard Mole, CPA
Vice President, Emeritus


Ronald Pumphry
Trustees Emeriti


Kathy Litwiler
Trustees Emeriti