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Explore Earth - Our Changing Planet

The view from space has deepened our understanding of Earth as a global, dynamic system. Instruments on satellites and spacecraft, coupled with advances in ground-based research, have provided us with astonishing new perspectives of our planet.

The Explore Earth exhibition will focus on local earth science topics—such as weather, climate, and ecosystem changes—as well as a global view of our changing planet. The primary message of the exhibition is that the global environment changes – and is changed by – the local environment of all host communities.

The exhibit is divided into three areas:

  • Our Changing Planet,
  • Ecosystems: The Web of life, and
  • Environmental Change at Home.

Library patrons will

  • learn that Earth is a complex, global system of interacting subsystems—rock, water, air, and life;
  • understand that Earth’s global system changes on short and long-term time scales;
  • understand the water cycle and the important role that water plays in the earth system;
  • learn about the basics of weather and how meteorologists predict it locally;
  • understand the difference between weather and climate; and
  • learn how to become a thoughtful steward of Planet Earth.

The exhibit includes a touchscreen computer kiosk that contains several interactive experiences that engage children and adults. These include Wild Weather, Earth Stories, along with a Quiz game.